Redentor Amancio

Redentor Amancio was a CIIP participant in the Philippines in January 2016 and landed in Vancouver in March 2016.

For us, immigration was a complicated puzzle. CIIP provided the pieces of the puzzle and a guide on how to complete the whole picture.

Before coming to Canada, I worked as a computer programmer for four years in the Philippines and Singapore. I was looking to do the same kind of work in Canada. CIIP helped us keep things in perspective: I got a job as a computer programmer for a small online gaming company three days after we arrived in Vancouver.

CIIP gave us a very good outline on what to be ready for. The My Action Plan (MAP) summarized what we needed to do once we arrived in British Columbia. The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) edited my resume to make it look like a Canadian resume. That made me and my experience more attractive to companies in Vancouver.

I took some IT certification exams to make my profile even stronger while we were waiting to depart for Canada. Weeks before we left for Canada, I contacted several recruiters and posted online profiles on various job posting websites; I used LinkedIn, Monster, and Indeed, among others to promote my profile and to connect with companies before arriving in Canada.

CIIP informed us to connect with WorkBC and we did. Once we arrived, we visited the nearest WorkBC office and attended their seminars. The links in the MAP proved to be useful during our preparation and the WorkBC seminars helped us prepare for our move.

My tips? Know the kind of job you want to apply for, because this will dictate the look of your resume. Emphasize your strengths; highlight what you know and the relevant skills. Be confident, but not cocky. Include contact details and make sure you are available when potential employers call. Return calls if you miss them. Always be polite. Be ready – mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Be culturally aware. Networking is key!