Rakesh and Aanchal Gulati

Rakesh and Aanchal Gulati were CIIP participants in India in January 2016 and landed in Brampton, Ontario in March 2016.

Apart from the information we found on the internet, before we arrived in Canada we had no clue whatsoever about life in Canada. We wanted to know more about our future country: about life there, culture, jobs, health, and much more. And so, we attended CIIP.

We would recommend CIIP to everyone who is planning to make the move.

These sessions gave us direction and a path to follow after we landed. The key links and information in the My Action Plan were sthe first thing we pursued. It helped us take the initial path towards our settlement, including finding Job Skills Centres, libraries, and pre-landing Can-Prep sessions, which were very informative. Thanks to CIIP, we knew about the culture, climate and resources beforehand. This made our life easier.

Canada is a beautiful country with welcoming people to make your journey comfortable. Honestly speaking, finding a job itself was not that easy, and to get one in our own field was quite a task. But – hard work and preparation pays off, though! I found a job as a Marketing Manager within two months of landing, and my husband found a job as a program manager within three months.

Leaving everything behind and starting a new journey is not easy. We say: with preparation from programs like CIIP, we can overcome those challenges and get all your questions answered.